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Novel writing can be a noble pursuit, but only if you produce stories that light the world on fire with truth. I like to write stories filled with mysticism and moral direction, taking my readers on a wild ride toward that truth. I don't believe in stories that only deliver thrills or titillation. They're like empty calories. You get a sugar high then crash, and you've learned nothing. Life is too short to waste your time on an empty read.

Review of The Night Shadow by Cheri Vause

Reviewer Clare O'Beara - Fresh Fiction:

I was interested in a crime set around ballet. To start with we see a young dancer who dies when a fire is started in a warehouse where she practises, and she is trapped inside. Nobody but her mother believes that she was locked in the building. The mother engages a pair of ex-cop PIs, a man and woman who have tired of the usual infidelity cases.

I don't know why the setting is a few decades ago, except that this means we do not get overloaded with gadgetry, net searches and cameras; like Sue Grafton's PI, we find every surveillance done the hard way.

A second young dancer is assaulted and dumped on the street but saved, and bravely returns to her art. The peculiarity is that the two crimes occur on the West Coast but the investigation immediately shifts to New York.

Characters are to the fore in this interesting tale and the main persons are the two PIs who come through challenges to learn what they really mean to each other. I hope this is the start of a series.

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