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Novel writing can be a noble pursuit, but only if you produce stories that light the world on fire with truth. I like to write stories filled with mysticism and moral direction, taking my readers on a wild ride toward that truth. I don't believe in stories that only deliver thrills or titillation. They're like empty calories. You get a sugar high then crash, and you've learned nothing. Life is too short to waste your time on an empty read.

Review of The Truth and Nothing but Lies by Cheri Vause

Reviewer Author John Reinhard Dizon:

The Truth and Nothing but Lies by Cheri Vause is a well-crafted suspense/thriller following the exploits of FBI agent Grant Greene. A bombing of a women's clinic in the sleepy town of Astoria, Oregon results in his father, Governor Porter Greene, pulling strings to get Grant assigned to the high-profile case. CBN reporter Hector Rodriguez is also drawn into the case as famed abortion Dr. Sanji Kumar is suspected of being the target of pro-life activists. Grant's interview of Miriam Elliot provides him an angle in investigating Kumar, who has had connections with the CIA in his previous life as a double agent. What appeared to be a career-enhancing case for Grant becomes a perilous voyage into a storm of conspiracy and murder in Vause's fast-paced tale.

The discussion of pro-choice alternatives provides the moral essence of the plot. Kumar's moral values appear to depreciate as both the direction of his life and his personal choices create greater dissonance in remaining true to his Hippocratic oath. We see how his decision to defect to the CIA has already compromised his sense of loyalty. Committing himself to perform abortions places him on yet another cutting edge as he is faced with the monumental debate between pro and anti-abortion activists. Though far from a tragic figure, we can see how medical professionals can be impacted by life choices in straying from a path that we as a society see as both righteous and unimpeachable.

For suspense/thriller fans and all readers that enjoy a cerebral mystery (with no sexploitation or foul language), The Truth and Nothing but Lies by Cheri Vause is a worthy addition to your collection.

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