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Novel writing can be a noble pursuit, but only if you produce stories that light the world on fire with truth. I like to write stories filled with mysticism and moral direction, taking my readers on a wild ride toward that truth. I don't believe in stories that only deliver thrills or titillation. They're like empty calories. You get a sugar high then crash, and you've learned nothing. Life is too short to waste your time on an empty read.

Review of The Night Shadow by Cheri Vause

Reviewer: JoAnne Brown
The beginning of the book consisted of several uncompleted lives.
Very interesting characters and a mystery in each one...    
As time went on they all started to come together and merge into a unique story together.
This book is excellently written, grabbed me from the first chapter and wouldn't let me go.
The stories were each separate yet like an intimate dance a part of each other.
Even tho there were several plots taking place at one time before it because clear how they were related it was written extremely well... Making it easy too follow all of them.
I love a mystery/who done it, especially one I can't solve in the first few chapters... And this was one book that did that. And I'm usually very good at figuring them out.
Every time I thought I had it figured out the dynamics charged a bit... Just like they changed for the characters, I did figure out key stuff but... Then BAM! There is was! 
I respect an author that can stump me immensely! 
I throughly enjoyed the book.
This author is worth watching!
She has talent and her words paint a vivid picture...
Highly recomend!
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